Sunday, May 29, 2011


I thought my business with them is finished after all my baby teeth were replaced by permanent teeth. And the only reason I had agreed for orthodontics when I was 16 was because there was no need for any tooth extraction to be done.

My mom told me that when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had to get this tooth extracted and we were in Singapore. She told me there were 4 adults pressing me down on the chair/table in order for the dentist to extract my tooth.

I can still remember that actually because after I came back from Singapore, I had nightmares for weeks. I can still recall that I was pushed hard while I kept struggling to get away.
Which is why I hate dentists and Singapore ever since.

I avoid dentists at all cost until I was in university where I get my annual dental checks.
But when I was in year 5, I keep having this vague toothache. Not very bad but annoying. So I went to see the dentist and to cut the story short, OPG done and I have 2 impacted wisdom teeth, one on each side, but they need to extract all 4 wisdom teeth because you can't have a single wisdom tooth on one side because it will hit on the gum.
But that's not the worst. I need a minor oral surgery to remove the impacted ones.
MINOR is not really minor. It is COMPARATIVELY minor as compared to other oral and maxillofacial surgery. I am opting for LA instead of GA because I am afraid of branulas and intubation. So I have to go through the pain TWICE.
Not only that, I read up about the procedure.. So many complications!
There's no way I can run away from this. I have to do this. Otherwise when it gets infected/symptomatic it still has to be done...
Hopefully everything will turn out fine..

Sigh.. I think I'm gonna have trouble sleeping/nightmare tonight.

Monday, April 11, 2011

S95 it is.

Given my tight budget and Canon Powershot S95's size, I have finally chosen Powershot S95 rather than Lumix LX5.
My initial plan was to get a simple Ixus but after struggling for more than a week, I have decided to give Canon a try.
Few of my friends are using LX5 and had rave reviews about it..
LX5 has better wide angle, longer lasting battery and easier handling.
It's only about rm200 more expensive but it's bulkier which won't make my life easy when travelling.
Hopefully this is the right call.
I hate making decisions and having to choose electronic gadgets.
Had the same struggle when I had to replace my handphones, mp3s and laptops in the past..
If only my things will not breakdown forever/get stolen, life would be so much simpler for me!
Since that's not possible/preventable, I can only make my life less complicated by being less fussy about these things..
Still, that's easier being said than done..

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Counting down..

One more week to go..
I don't even do count down for my major examinations.

Have so many things left to do..
I need to upload my photos from Taiwan and university.
Haven't start packing.
Still lacking a pair of shades..
And need to complete my job application before I leave.

Most important of all, I am still undecided which camera to get.
Lumix LX5, Canon Ixus, Canon S95 or G15? Tough decision to make.
Too broke to get a DSLR plus it's too bulky to carry around.
(Defense Mechanism: Rationalization)

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Went shopping for clothes and shoes just now in Gurney Plaza...
What I spent in 2 hours' time was more than my Chinese New year shopping..
I think I should refrain myself from shopping before the trip.
Will be going Europe for a month in less than 2 weeks' time!! 
Had been very busy for the past few days planning the trip and booking all stuff
and it did not feel like real holiday until today.
I had less than 6 hours' of sleep a day, went to bed at 4am. no afternoon nap and did not get to play much of piano. 

I think my entire trip will probably cost more than my 5 years of tuition fees (that's because the fees were waived). Will be going to Bangkok after my return for few days to shop!

So in conclusion, more than 50% of my not really long holiday before i start work will be spent away from home.. Mhm.

I am so in love with Penang.
As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grows fonder.
 I never realized that Penang is such an awesome place until I went away and study in KL. The people here are so much nicer and pleasant and everyone speaks Hokkien. 

I managed to go to two banks, temple and shop for shades in two hours' time. 
And I managed to get an appointment for minor oral surgery(all four of my wisdom teeth have to be removed)  next week (but had to be delayed because of the trip). My point is, it's easy to get things done in Penang!! And not to mention the glorious food (home cooked and hawker food).

Friday, April 01, 2011

Home, finally

Managed to get most of my things done in the morning by 9am.
But had to wait for more than an hour for the radiology department to print my OPG.
So I left after waiting for an hour, trying not to get pissed because I reminded myself I had all the time in the world (except that I was trying to get to the bus station by noon time).

Anyways, I realized I am not as irritated as I was 2 months ago while waiting for the staff to get things done.
Not that they are becoming more efficient.. I think it's because I don't have to rush to ward rounds or study (but I am more deprived of sleep this time).

I think I need to remind myself of not losing my patience and temper once I start working..
Anyways, I had a pleasant surprise of meeting my surgical senior registrar when I return to the radiology department later!
Had a short chat with her which made me more certain of the decisions I am about to make.

The journey back home was longer than usual. It took me 6.5 hours to reach Penang but I did get some rest.
The long journeys that I took throughout the years had always been the times when I reflected upon my life.

5 years ago, I packed my stuff and left the comforts of home in pursuit of a medical degree in KL.
It was not easy to adapt to the life away from home.
In retrospect, I think I had adjustment disorder (I only realized this AFTER psychiatry posting) and that's the time when I started to shop a lot (they say it's called retail therapy).

I left the campus this morning. I did not have time to sink it all in until I was in the bus because I was busy clearing my check list of things to do. And for the past few days I had been busy packing and meeting up with friends and juniors to celebrate and say my goodbyes.
So this is it. Nearly all of my close friends have graduated except me. I have to be a real adult now.(which is scary). And there will be no more monthly allowances from my parents. I will be responsible for my actions and my patients. ..

Thinking on the bright side, at least I have two months of holidays for me to prepare myself for adulthood.:)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So many things to do

Yet so little time...
Have to go to the office to certify my documents, run to the clinic to get a copy of my OPG..
Last but not least.. I'll be checking out from the hostel tomorrow..
and catch a bus back to penang before noon..
This is the time when I bid an official goodbye to my life as a student..

It's going to be a looooong day..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is not the end

It is perhaps only the end of the beginning.
I passed!!:)
It's been a long day.
Good night world.